Showcasing their innovative and improved, iCalibrate, and their ever-expanding Controlled Bolting product range, HTL Group are once again exhibiting at Offshore Europe.

The UK’s Oil and Gas industry in the North Sea has Aberdeen as the centre location for the discovery of oil deposits. Named as the “Oil Capital of Europe”, Aberdeen has created more than half a million jobs in the energy sector, so production has increased by 20% over the past five years and despite negative press, 62% of contractor companies have a positive, optimistic outlook on the industry for 2020 and beyond.

As the North Sea, including Aberdeen, continues to dominate Europe in the oil and gas sector, advances in technology has determined that vast amounts of oil and gas are predicted to continue for up to 50 years. Additionally, new discoveries are still being made, solidifying Aberdeen as being a critical location within the industry.¹

Acknowledging the continued demand in the North Sea, HTL Group has positioned itself well within the industry, offering added value bespoke rental packages for Controlled Bolting Equipment to companies both onshore and offshore, SPE Offshore Europe is an integral part of HTL Group’s presence in the area.

Located on stand 1Q49, the HTL team will be providing live demonstrations, with a focus on their new and improved i-Calibrate software. A paperless certification asset management system that now includes brand new features saving customer’s time and providing even more detailed information than ever before. Offering full documentation packs, available directly from a simple scan of the QR code on the tool. Supporting customer and industry demands, i-Calibrate now includes the ability to store any third-party certificate, for any asset requiring certification. This innovation allows customers to track each item that requires any calibration or testing certification in company’s inventories.

Focusing on both operator and jobsite safety, HTL have designed and manufactured a Working at Height Controlled Bolting Product Range, providing customers with reliable and durable tools such as the DSX Hydraulic Torque Wrench. Aimed at eliminating the hazards associated with dropped objects, the DSX has a fully retained reaction arm, together with numerous other unique safety features.

HTL’s Exhibition Team will be discussing their bespoke hire packages allowing customers locally and globally to have exclusive access to a wide range of Controlled Bolting and Flange Working Equipment, supported by our dedicated Customer Support Team.

For further information, visit HTL on Stand (1Q49) at Offshore Europe or contact us before the event at